LIO - Energy Identification Code (EIC)

JSC “Conexus Baltic Grid” is registered as Local issuing office (LIO) for EIC codes by the Central Issuing office (CIO) under number 61.

EIC code stands for Energy Identification Code, a unique energy code used in electronic data exchange on the electricity and gas markets.

The EIC is based on fixed length alphanumeric codes and consist of 16 characters:

  • The first two of them refer to Issuing Office code

  • One character contains information about identifiable objects

  • 12 characters can be letters (A-Z), numbers (0-9) or dash (-)

  • 1 check character to ensure the code validity

Detailed information about the EIC issuing procedure is available HERE


Only EIC codes published on CIO or LIO websites are considered valid. JSC “Conexus Baltic Grid” allocated EIC codes can be found HERE


To get new EIC please fill the application below and send it by e-mail:

Application form for a new EIC code

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